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Infoflyer about ESG-Cockpit

For you to download – the most important facts about ESG Cockpit:


If you are fed up with collecting data in a confusing and huge number of files, the switch to a digital solution is our recommendation.
The following questions are helpful as a preparation.

  • Does the provider have in-depth expertise in IT development, operation of IT solutions, data management, life cycle analysis and sustainability reporting?
  • Is integration know-how available and/or is the provider dependent on support from third parties?
  • Is the provider organised independently and are there no obligations to purchase additional services from related parties?
  • Does the vendor have technology and development partnerships that will help expand the functionality of the system in the future?
  • Does the provider orient itself towards sustainability standards in all business processes (fair working conditions, green IT, ...)?
  • Can the system be combined with other systems?
  • For example, can it be seamlessly integrated into a reporting system?
  • Is there an option to integrate a compliance system?
  • Does the system have the option of importing data via self-configurable interfaces?
  • Can inputs and evaluations be exported to Excel without manual effort?
  • Is it possible to export diagrams and tables in different formats?
  • Are special user skills required to operate the system?
  • Does the system allow intuitive operation?
  • Is a transparent graphically supported data input and output possible without losing the overview?
  • Are the calculation factors updated and the latest standards implemented automatically in the system?
  • Is a plausibility check available that points to possible inconsistencies in the data input?
  • Are data qualities and data documentation integrated at all levels and in input and output?
  • Can user rights be assigned precisely according to input, output and integrity requirements?
  • Can reporting periods and organizational structures be created individually and graphically supported?
  • Can the indicators and the data catalogue (switching off substances, indicators that are not relevant in the company) be configured independently by the users?
  • Is there a balance between automatisms (e.g. one-click reports) and individually adaptable elements (e.g. self-configurable evaluations)?
  • Can individual supplementary data (own inputs, own products/services, own key figures) be integrated into the system?
  • Is process support possible in all steps and aspects of data management in the sense of transparent reporting, sustainability strategy and management?
  • Does the provider react promptly to the wishes, needs and suggestions of customers?
  • Are individual wishes taken into account and implemented?
  • Is there a transparent release planning including maintenance windows?
  • Is the system and any necessary support always available in a timely manner?
  • Is the user interface available in multiple languages?
  • Can I switch seamlessly between languages?
  • Are database contents (data catalogue) also available in multiple languages?
  • Is the system only available as a web-based tool or can it also be installed on its own server in organization/internal networks?
  • Is the system also independent of third-party providers in basic components?
  • Does the IT infrastructure correspond to the current local and international legal situation with regard to data protection?
  • Is the IT security aligned to international standards such as OWASP Top 10?
  • Is there a close-meshed data backup system?


We always offer get-to-know webinars.
You get to know the tool and its application and also try to bring in the voices of users.

Upcoming dates:
25.5. 3 pm with Climate Alliance Germany, focus reporting duties and standards for local authorities

Individual presentation

In an individual presentation we can respond to your specific requirements.
Please understand that we do not always have appointments at very short notice.

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