Seminar CO₂-balancing training

A training for an easier start into greenhouse gas accounting of organizations or companies – developed by the Climate Protection Academy of ORCA Evolution OG in cooperation with akaryon.


  • Sense and benefits of a “CO₂ balance sheet” for companies
  • Basic knowledge of greenhouse gases, conversion factors and standards
  • Methods and tools
  • Steps for preparing a CO₂ balance sheet for companies

The ESG Cockpit is used as an example of a digital tool.

Target group

  • Entrepreneurs / management of SMEs
  • Persons who are commissioned with or assist in the preparation of a CO₂e balance sheet or more generally an ESG/sustainability report

Learning objectives

  • Identify greenhouse gas sources in the company and derive a CO₂e balance.
  • Become familiar with and understand the essential elements of a CO₂e balance sheet.
  • Recognize critical aspects
Seminar CO₂-balancing training


Basic knowledge of basic concepts such as climate neutrality, framework conditions, climate protection in organizations, etc. is an advantage.

Dates and registration

Full-day presence training and online formats are offered.
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