WallStreet: Climate Risks are Investment Risks as well

Dominik Cofalka about ESG:

Already read it? The largest investor in the world is cracking down on the ESG criteria this year. Black Rock refuses to discharge supervisory boards of Daimler, Lufthansa, Uniper or Heidelberger Cement at the annual general meeting! This has never happened before.

Conclusion: Wall Street – and susequently regional institutional investors too – are serious about climate protection and are now firing live ammunition in the shareholder parliaments. Anyone who, as a supervisory board, does not have a grip on their board of directors in matters of climate protection in the future will become familiar with the sharp sword of non-discharge.

Well done. But it was high time … See heat wave of 38 degrees in Siberia and thawing the permafrost zone …

Blowing into the same horn, Alexandra Fiedler-Lehmann quotes from Claudia Kemfert, German Economist at ‘die ZEIT’:

Claudia Kemfert about economy and common good
Alexandra Fiedler-Lehmann, dieGuteAgentur, 21.7.2020 in Facebook

It is about an economy that does not allow companies to compete against one another for the greatest possible profit, but that ensures that they cooperate – with the goal of the greatest possible common good.