ECG – Economy of Common Good

ECG - Economy of Common Good

In general, the Common Good Economy establishes an ethical economic model based on values that promote the common good (Human dignity, solidarity and justice, environmental sustainability, transparency and co-decision) and is a driving force for change at economic, political and social level. The well-being of people and the environment is regarded as the primary goal of economic activity.

The Common Good Report is the most comprehensive reporting model of the EU reporting obligation for non-financial reporting, as it enables a comprehensive systematic consideration of the company’s activities towards all interest groups. All corporate divisions are reviewed for their social and ecological impact and are further expanded to include values that promote the Common Good. The Common Good Economy and its Balance Sheet can be implemented for companies of different sizes and legal forms.
The individual contribution of your company to the Common Good is defined on the basis of the Common Good Matrix.

You can use the tool to edit all essential parts of this Common Good Matrix

  • collect all relevant basic data of your company and calculate indicators automatically
  • fill in the relevant reporting questions and mandatory comments
  • retrieve all the information necessary to understand and evaluate the topics and aspects of the Common Good Matrix and the Report, to be able to create it yourself
  • Establish 360° sustainability management and improved relationship management
  • Create innovation impulses

The preparation of the balance sheet takes place in three steps:

  1. Generating the Common Good Report
  2. Get the resulting Report and Matrix audited externally, resulting in a Certificate
  3. publish the Common Good Balance Sheet.

The prerequisite for this is a valid membership of a recognised association for the promotion of the Common Good Economy.

More about the Economy of the Common Good

Buy the Workbook ‘Common Good Report 5.0’ (Print Version, German only):