WK ClimatePortal online: Efficiently create & communicate climate balances

Prepared for challenges like CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and Supply Chain Act

With the new ClimatePortal of the Austrian Economic Chambers, companies with chamber membership can collect climate data, create climate balances, and take initial steps towards ESG reporting for free.

The climate indicator accompanies the journey towards Net Zero 2040

WK ClimatePortal online: Efficiently create & communicate climate balances

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a climate balance: An input mask captures available data in the company regarding energy, mobility & transport, materials, and waste – with a cache function.

2. Automatic calculation of the individual climate indicator: With just a mouse click, an evaluation including graphs can be accessed: Greenhouse gas emissions are reported according to GHG Protocol Scope 1, 2, and 3. A climate indicator provides insight into the current status on the path to climate neutrality. Strategies are proposed to achieve the Net Zero goal by 2040.

Team-up of WKO and ESG Cockpit: Emission factors always up-to-date

The team behind the ESG Cockpit developed the service on the initiative of WK Salzburg. The WK ClimatePortal uses the established calculation methodology of the ESG Cockpit via API, thus ensuring synchronized data basis also for the future.

Try out the WK ClimatePortal now! Access is via the WKO user account.