Waste Management Concept (AWK Abfallwirtschaftskonzept)

abfallwirtschaftskonzept AWK

According to AWG Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002 (AWG Waste Management Act 2002), an operational waste management concept (AWK) must be available 12 months after the 21st employee has been accepted. It should provide information on the management of the expected waste as well as operational precautions for the prevention, recovery and disposal of the same.

With the ESG-Cockpit you can

  • collect all relevant basic data of your company (depending on industry, purpose of the plant and parts of the plant),
  • Identify all processes that actually generate waste in your facility
  • collect all relevant waste data
  • create your action plan
  • estimate future developments.

→ You can easily get to the print-ready AWK, which you can show at the request of the authority.
→ In the case of a change in your company, you can easily adapt the AWK.
→ During operation, you can prepare yourself for the updates of the AWK, which must be carried out every 5 years.

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