OÖ Nachhaltigkeitsbrunch - ESG-Bericht

Petra Bußwald at the 4th Sustainability Brunch in Linz:

ESG reporting: Don’t just talk – do! How?

OÖ sustainability brunch 2022 esg reporting

Representatives of renowned institutions and companies (CTC, WU Vienna, akaryon, ICT Impact GmbH, Payer & Partner, Oberbank) reported on

  • national and international trends,
  • sustainability management in practice,
  • practical ways out of the energy and climate crisis,
  • the increasing importance of ESG in the capital sector (taxonomy)
  • and, as an important factor in Scope 3, the inclusion of the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain.

Excerpt from the Upper Austrian News report:

Climate reporting, corporate carbon footprint and defossilization.

Petra Busswald, founder of akaryon, a software company specializing in environmental data tools, describes how it can be possible to include the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain. This makes it possible, for example, to show the product-specific CO2 footprint of a product next to the euro amount on the receipt.

From the best practice examples and a concluding panel discussion of all speakers, among other things, this insight emerged:

… Sustainable companies are often led by strong personalities, with a clear strategic vision and values focused on sustainability ….

The CSR Brunch was organized by Cleantech-Cluster (CTC), OÖ Nachrichten and Payer & Partner ESG-Consulting.