NFI Directive / Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act

nvi rl nadiveg

Legal duty to inform according to NFI-RL / NaDiVeG

The Nonfinancial Information (NFI) Directive of the European Union (Directive 2014/95 / EU) and the resulting “Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG)” oblige certain large companies in Austria in their annual and management reports from 2017 on to report on non-financial aspects and diversity related information.

You are affected if you are a “public interest company” AND have total assets in excess of € 20 million or revenues in excess of € 40 million AND more than 500 employees on an annual average. If you do not fall directly into this category, it is still advisable to deal with the reporting of non-financial aspects or sustainability reporting, since you may be indirectly affected by your reportable business customers.

The non-financial statement shall contain at least information on:

  • environmental concerns
  • Social and employee concerns
  • Respect for human rights
  • Combating corruption and bribery

This information is intended to describe the concepts pursued, including their results, due diligence processes, material risks and related measures, as well as key non-financial performance indicators.

In line with this legal position, the ESG-Cockpit aims to support an affordable and easy-to-use “sustainability monitoring” that simplifies compliance with the legal reporting requirements of NFI-RL / NaDiVeG.

Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act, NaDiVeG (pdf, German)

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