Getting support for ESG projects

The Austrian federal states offer interesting funding options to support the implementation of sustainability projects.

Taking a closer look at Tyrol, for example, reveals the following opportunities:

1 Day for Sustainable Transformation:
Get 24 hours of professional CSR consulting funded

Funded CSR and sustainability consultations by the Tyrol Economic Chamber and the Federal State of Tyrol:

  • Funding for consultations on, among others:
    • CSR – sustainability check, strategy & report
    • Energy efficiency & Energy management – energy savings, e-mobility,…
    • Environmental management – ISO 14001, EMAS, eco-label
    • Decarbonization – carbon footprint, identifying savings potentials, transition to renewable energy, mobility
  • Ongoing application possible
  • For all companies with Tyrol Economic Chamber membership, including large enterprises
  • 24 hours (in exceptional cases, also 40 hours) of consultation at a rate of €100 per hour, 80% of which is eligible for funding

Receive up to €40,000 subsidy for a sustainability assistant with green expertise

Federal State of Tyrol – Sustainability assistant funding:

  • Funding for personnel and qualification costs of a sustainability assistant who supports in achieving measurable sustainability goals with regional impacts (procurement, supply chains, collaborations, etc.)
  • Application period between September 1, 2024, and October 31, 2024
  • For companies in the commercial sector – including the tourism industry; focus on micro-enterprises and SME
  • Usually a 2-year project period
  • One-time grant of up to 50% of eligible costs or a maximum of €40,000
  • (Basis for calculation: €80,000 – consisting of a maximum of €72,000 for personnel costs (monthly gross salary plus ancillary wage costs) of the sustainability assistant + a maximum of €8,000 for their education and coaching)