esg-cockpit klimabündnis idee-des-monats

ESG-Cockpit and Climate Alliance

We are pleased that Climate Alliance Austria now presents our ESG Cockpit as Climate Alliance “Idea of the Month” and that we have an ESG Cockpit partnership with Climate Alliance Frankfurt.

akaryon and “climate alliances” from several countries have been working together for many years, after all.
Together with Climate Alliance Austria – together also with Dr. Horst Lunzer – we launched one of the first climate accounting tools for municipalities already at the beginning of this century (
Since 2014, we have been assigned to develop and operate the Climate Protection Planner with Climate Alliance Frankfurt, which is already in use by more than 1000 German cities to track their climate balances and reduce them.

Exclusively for Climate Alliance member companies and municipalities, a free one-hour online introduction to the tool will also take place on October 13, 2021 – Petra Bußwald will provide insight into data collection and structures, possible standards and report configurations, and present concrete examples of use.