EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”. EMAS is a voluntary European Union instrument that helps businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries to continuously improve their environmental performance.

With EMAS, a path is taken which, in contrast to regulations and limits, starts with the individual responsibility of companies and organizations and promotes a togetherness of economy and ecology. With EMAS, it can be proven that increasing environmental performance also leads to improved competitiveness.

Furthermore, with EMAS, the requirements of ISO 14001 are met automatically, and the EMAS environmental verifier is entitled to issue an ISO 14001 certificate. In addition, EMAS environmental management takes into account the criteria of transparency (environmental statement) and increased legal certainty.
Sustainable corporate development must take ecological as well as social and social aspects into account. At the same time, EMAS environmental management creates the best basis for comprehensive sustainability management.

Core indicators
Core indicators apply to all types of organizations. They concern the environmental performance in the following key areas:

  • energy
  • material
  • water
  • waste
  • biological diversity
  • emissions

→ With the ESG-Cockpit you can calculate all these parameters. The tool provides all the results needed to collect, assess and communicate the environmental impact of all business locations. The basis for this is an indicator set integrated in the Umweltdaten-Tool, which was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt). The ESG-Cockpit is therefore suitable for Europe-wide recognized sustainability management according to EMAS III (current version of the European EMAS Regulation).

→ The ESG-Cockpit is suitable for the environmental assessment and thus the first own investigation of the operation provided by EMAS. You reliably arrive at the goal of having all the data required for EMAS validation ready. With these data, you are only one step away from entry in a public register (Europe-wide unique registration number) – the examination by an independent, state-approved environmental verifier.
Every recurrent environmental audit will be passed with the Umweltdaten-Tool.

Wastewater indicators are just as much a part of the EMAS specifications stored in the tool as “measuring points” and “vehicles”, which can be easily configured for specific periods.
EMAS indicators, stored in the global data catalog. Indicators can be deactivated / activated conveniently and period-specifically. Store your materiality analysis directly in the tool.

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