economy of common good

Economy of the Common Good module – completion of the beta phase and release with many new features

June 2020 – ESG-Cockpit proudly presents: The Economy of the Common Good module has switched from beta to real operation.

We are pleased that we can offer the world’s first fully digital common good reporting tool.

And there’s more to it than that: this tool can – optionally – be optimally dovetailed with other reporting standards, e.g. with the Sustainable Development Goals, the GRI or EMAS.

September 2020 – a new release of the ESG cockpit is online.

The highlights:

  • New data areas, substances and emission factors relating to mobility, transport, waste, sewage
  • Customize and automate evaluations even more
  • New roles and functions and optionally complex-controlled data management and and and … here is an overview of all innovations >>