Climate neutrality in SMEs

We need courageous multipliers who accompany companies on their way to climate neutrality based on science and facts.

  • Becoming climate neutral is a joint task. Only if many work together on the issue can we make a sustainable difference and achieve the climate goals set by science and politics.
  • What you can expect from us: We always work fact-based. Climate neutrality is the declared goal, which we take up together with companies and incorporate pragmatically and professionally into the transformation process. The following applies: We are only climate neutral when we have achieved the goals – not when we take the first steps towards them.
  • What we expect from you: Know-how transfer is a cornerstone of our Climate Protection Academy. With this training, we are addressing experienced consultants, managers and pioneers who want to accompany and support companies on their journey to sustainable climate neutrality. As part of the growing community of multipliers, consultants can help anchor knowledge and action in companies and drive forward climate-friendly innovation in a solution-oriented manner.

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