Webinar: Submit for Styrian municipal quality seal “Goldener Boden” via new ESG portal

Achieve recognition for economic friendliness and manage it sustainably

Since spring 2024, the new ESG portal of the “Goldener Boden” initiative, established in 2007, has been online. Through the platform, municipalities can apply for the quality seal, showcase individual projects, and find opportunities for data management and analysis to sustainably develop their location. Additionally, best practice examples and networking functions are available.

Webinar offers support for submission

On June 10, 2024, a webinar by the Economic Chamber of Styria explained the current process for submitting for the “Goldener Boden” quality seal. In addition to the usual evaluation in terms of economic friendliness, sustainability and SDG references now also play a role.

Webinar: Submit for Styrian municipal quality seal "Goldener Boden" via new ESG portal
Snippets from the “Goldener Boden” webinar

The webinar was led by

  • Stefan Helmreich, initiator and coordinator from the Economic Chamber,
  • transformation consultant Sabine Ilger, who presented the content concept, and
  • Petra Busswald from the technical implementation partner akaryon, who demonstrated how submission and project presentation work on the portal.

Apply now! Submission deadline: September 8, 2024

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